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Old Master Instruments: Fascination of Sound and History

Old stringed instruments captivate the senses like few other objects on earth.  Their stained and scarred surfaces tell of a long and eventful life – whether in private hands, on concert stages, in orchestra pits, and sometimes as stolen property too.

Yet, even after long periods of neglect, amateurish repair attempts, or radical modifications, the masterpiece still exists within them, just as they were when they had begun their initial existence.

Their sound seems indestructible. The works of some of the luthiers from the Baroque period have achieved cult status and are traded for vast sums of money. But instruments from later periods can have great value too. The ability to recognize the treasure still buried beneath the patina, and to acquire it for an affordable price is a very special challenge indeed. Expertise and experience are required for the assessment and acquisition of such instruments. The dealers and the instrument market, itself, are hard to comprehend for those, who don’t have insider knowledge.

Talk to me if you’d like to acquire such a piece. Together with you, I’ll begin the search for your instrument and, if you like, we’ll search for that compatible bow too.

Would you like to sell an instrument at the best possible rate? I can also advise you there; for example, through sensible measures to increase its value and help you find a suitable buyer.